How to Do Hard

For some strange reason when I woke up for my track session this morning I had no fear. No hesitation. I usually do….

Today’s track session, according to the plan, called for 6 x 800-meter repeats at 3:15 (6:30 minute per mile pace).

I ran 8 x 800-meter repeats at 3:04 (6:06-6:08 min/mile) with 400-meter recovery jog in-between. Nearly dead on my splits read:

3:04, 3:04, 3:03, 3:03,

3:04, 3:04, 3:04, 3:03

Right on the freaking money. I have never run such perfectly close splits in my life. I am usually a little more all over the place.

At first, I freaked when I checked my watch. I thought, “Great, I went out way too fast and now I’m going to suffer and bomb the rest of this workout.” But that’s not what happened….

This workout felt darn near flawless. Not easy. Not too hard. I felt challenged yet comfortable. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was magic? Maybe it was the slightly cooler temps?  Maybe my summer fitness is finally catching up? Maybe it was my NUUN hydration? Maybe it was the playlist I told y’all about last Friday that I had blasting in my Yurbuds (I may or may not have had the song “Rise” on repeat a lap or two…). Maybe it was the “Super Hero” muffins I snacked on last night…??

All I know is when I completed my workout I was in shock. Did I really just hammer that out? Was I really able to jog my intervals and run a comfortable cool-down? Only 48 hours post 18-mile long run Sunday morning? Will I be in trouble later?

All I know is that right now I feel good. I feel strong. Maybe I’m capable of so much more than I realize. I know we are supposed to follow the plan according to pace. But, when you’re body tells you it’s ready for more you listen. Maybe this is bad advice. I’m not sure. But, I do know that I am feeling fearless today. And I’m soaking that up.

Something that kept popping up in my head during my workout was the quote from the great Muhammad Ali:

After my first four 800 meters repeats didn’t hurt and I realized I wasn’t getting too winded, I knew I could push on. By the seventh repeat, I was starting to feel it. That’s when I knew I was working. I thought there’s no way I’m going to finish this strong and then I immediately told my brain to shut up, turn the animal loose and just breathe. 

And so I did.

How to do hard things? One word:


Tweet this: “Don’t doubt. Don’t doubt it. Victory is in your veins.”

Don’t take it too easy on yourself. When it’s time to run hard, push through. Be the champion you know you are.

Have you ever surprised yourself after a workout or race?

run pink. 


#MarathonMonday {WK 9} 60+ Miles and a Lightbulb Moment

Happy Monday!  Last week wrapped up with 61.26 miles. Solid! I know, I know I broke all the rules with the Hanson’s Marathon Method   …but for my long run my body was craving a long 18 miler. And it felt pretty darn good.  With my past marathon training cycles I’ve always had tremendous success with the longer runs so I’ll be keeping those as I always have.  I say “know thy body and trust yourself”. So I suppose I won’t be able to give you a total review on the book since I’m shaking things up a little bit. I’ve always done that though. I like to follow training plans but, I always seem to make things up as I go. I’m innovative like that. Or just a terrible rule breaker.

Anyway, I had a lightbuld moment last week during marathon training. I was reminded of my first race back in 2011….4.5 years ago I ran my first 5k in 27:07 with an average pace of 8:44 minute per mile. I recently just ran a marathon (26.2 miles ) at a faster clip than that. So 23.1 more miles at almost a minute per mile faster. And my regular long runs are now faster than my first race pace. I would say this is progress.

This summer has been tough for whatever reason and I’ve been tempted to cut myself down.  Personal training hasn’t worked out…I ran a slower 10k…work has me totally bogged down…Trying to “coach” hasn’t been working out too great… So when I’ve been tempted to beat myself up I must remember those incredible past accomplishments. Focus on growth. Maybe simplify my goals….

At church yesterday I was reminded of this verse:

“Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.”

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭2:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

The sermon wasn’t really on the book of Exclesiastes but it was on wisdom and applying it to our lives. And suddenly I felt a genuine peace. I do NOT need to strive for “worldly” excellence. Just do an internet search on workouts, motivation, 6-pack abs, get post baby body back, business, entrepreneur and you will find a host of things to pick and choose from. Having options is most defiantly NOT our problem. We are bombarded with “news”, information, tips and tricks, plans, goal methods…really it’s overwhelming. When I took a moment to step back and realize that it is more than okay to just be. Just be.

Goals are great. Workouts are awesome. Businesses are super. Being your “own boss” is admirable. But, if I were to be honest there really is nothing new under the sun. You don’t need me to hop on here and give you new workout. Just follow someone’s Pintrest board. You don’t need me to give you “motivational” pep talks that’s just going to leave you feeling wiped out or “less-than”. 

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m thinking for those of you out there who read this blog all you need from me is to be a real, open, raw book.

So this is me. This is my life. I am a wife, mother, runner, pharmacy technician with a passion for wellness. When I find a super great recipe I will share it. When I come across valuable information I will present it. If I create an exercise routine that I deem new or beneficial I will share it. I’m so over being #momboss. Y’all can all keep those hashtags. I’m beyond over it. When people read this blog or look up at me I just want them to see a genuine woman who’s just doing her best on this planet. I’m just going to live my happy little life. The way it’s meant to be. I was created to worship and love a mighty God and to enjoy the life He has given me. I’m going to be a mom, go to work, love my husband, blog and run my happy little butt off. Because these things make me happy.

OH, and another thing that makes me happy is giving back—I just launched a tee shirt campaign for my St. Jude Children’s Hospital Rock n Roll Nashville marathon fundraiser. It’s going on for only 21 days. Please, check it out HERE and be apart of the run pink mission by sporting being beautifully fit inside & out! Because this is what I’m all about….

Maybe I just rambled on a little bit here. Maybe someone will understand this post or maybe not. Whatever the outcome I feel better. I feel relieved. And I thank God for running…because with this sport I don’t feel the need to “work on my figure.” I just feel the urge to feel my figure come alive…

What’s On Tap This Week

Monday: impromptu rest day

Tuesday: 8x 800m w/400 ri (11ish)

Wednesday: easy 8 + yoga (ps-i LOOOOOOVE my yoga)

Thursday: tempo (total 13ish)

Friday: easy 7

Saturday: easy 8

Sunday: 16 miles w/12 at GMP (goal marathon pace)

Total miles: 63

run pink.



Friday Five: 5 Songs on My Marathon Playlist


Okay, first of all Happy Friday! Due to my pharmacy schedule y’all may have noticed my blog posts few and far in-between {#prioritues —> family time trumps all!} but thought I would pop in for the Friday Five hosted by the amazing Courtney, Mar and Melanie! Today’s theme is “favorties” so it seemed like a fun, easy and quick post. 

I wanted to share five songs that have been getting me through some tough runs. The weather has kinda stunk lately {like lots of rain, fog, humidity, high dew points aka: not quite ideal weather for breathing}  so I’ve been relying heavily on motivational songs. 

*The songs do have Amazon affiliate links. So a tiny percent goes to support this blog with each purchase. :~)

5 Marathon Playlist Beats

1.) My number one favorite right now is from Sia’s album This Is Acting  , Bird Set Free   It’s kinda of like a freedom anthem. Sing and be free! Free from self-doubt or anything else that holds you back. 

“And I don’t care if I sing off key, I find myself in my melodies, I sing for love, I sing for me, I shout it out like a bird set free”

2.) Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave every time this song comes on my heart swells! Especially if I’m feeling overwhelmed in life this song reminds me to put my focus back where it needs to be. 

“God, I run into Your arms, Unashamed because of mercy, I’m overwhelmed.”

3.) Cheap Thrills by Sia. Just because this one is fun! The beat is perfect for a long run. 

4.) Rise by Katy Perry <— can not get enough of this song. And how perfect is this for the Olympics? Victory in my veins has been my matta for this fall marathon training season…

“Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it-victory is in my veins-I know it I know it-and I will not negotiate I’ll fight it I’ll fight it, I will transform”

5.) Immortals by Fall Out Boy <—I enjoy this song when I’m running my track sessions. Makes me feel immortal.😉 and in marathon training your faith is definitely tested again and again…

“Sometimes the only pay-off for having any faith is when it’s tested again and again everyday.”

That’s it for today y’all! Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.❤

What’s on your playlist currently? Do you have a mental mantra during hard training runs? Or races? 

run pink. 

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    #MarathonMonday WK {8} 7 Reasons You Should Respect the Marathon Distance 

    Spirit of the Marathon
    Whether you ever run the marathon distance (I do believe that not everyone is necessarily made to run the distance.)  or not it should be respected and dare I even say loved. Those who boldly pursue this quest require pure guts of steel, stamina, willingness to be humbled, courage to fail, courage to get back up, just enough insanity to wake up before the rooster crows, faith that moves mountains and an insane will to press onward no matter the circumstances. 

    One of the biggest reasons I came to fall in love with the marathon distance is the fact that you truly cannot fake the race. You cannot skip a couple of quality runs here and there and think all will be well. I love that it demands every bit of yourself to run the distance. You have to 100% absolutely put all of your effort into your training daily or the results will show on marathon day. I’ve been there. 26.2 miles is one of the greatest distances that will make or break you and will mercilessly show on the course who truly has worked hard.
    You can “wing it” in life like showing up a little late to work but still the job done, or acing interview even though you you’re really not one-hundred percent sure you know how to do the job, or putting together a birthday party for a kid at the last minute. Heck you could even chicken wing! Which my husband is a huge fan of.😉 But, you cannot wing running 26.2 miles and under God knows what conditions that will show up on race day and execute a successful race. 

    So with this I give you 7 reasons you should fall madly in love with the marathon distance:

    1. It’s the most metaphorical event displaying humankind’s raw emotion, power, strength and humility all in one stretch…this deserves a blog post on its own. It’s pure. 
    2. Friendship. Those who run long often run together creating unbreakable bonds. And with this comes incredible team work. Read USA Today’s article here about our American women who all came in the top 10. 
    3. Dedication. Those who run the marathon tend to be very dedicated people regardless of challenging circumstances. Translating into other areas of their lives. 
    4. Seriously, eating is a joy for myself personally and long, hard training allows me to indulge a little more. 
    5. All.the.smells. ;-P Most modesty gets thrown out of the window after a long, grueling race. After 26.2 miles we are all sweaty, stank and just all kinds of lovely. There’s absolutely no judgement. 
    6. Faith. It takes some kind of faith to believe in your body enough that it will carry you miles and miles and miles…if you’ve read my blog long enough than you already know that my faith comes from on high…God has surely protected my body!
    7. Mental toughness. Let’s face it, running for 2+ hours can become quite the drudgery. So you’ve got to do some mental toughness workouts. I would strongly advise you to check out this book:
    8. Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (Third Edition)Mental toughness doesn’t come natural for most. It must be forged. And once you’ve harnesses this strength in your mind you’ll believe that nothing is impossible. You can do the impossible. 

    Speaking of marathons…here’s my weekly training! 

    I hit roughly 58 miles last week and all systems feel good. Running my easy runs honestly easy has made a huge impact on how many miles I’ve been able to log. This week coming up wouldn’t be a cut-back week but the Hanson’s plan has less mileage this week for whatever reason…

    What’s on tap this week:

    Mon: easy 6 mile trail run 

    Tue: 3x 1600 @10k pace (total of 10 miles w/warm up, cool down)

    Wed: yoga + core 

    Thur: 10 miles w/7 at tempo 

    Fri: easy 7 + weights 

    Sat: easy 8 

    Sun: easy 10 

    Total miles:  51ish

    Would you ever consider running 26.2 miles? Or if you have what would you add to my list? Have you used Hanson’s marathon method? Thoughts on their method? 
    run pink. 

    Marathon Monday: {WK 7} Kicking Things Up a Notch

    THIS is my mantra this week.
    Hey, hey now! Where have I been all week? Working my tail off in the pharmacy.  Ick. Last week was a cut back week in training so that was nice. 

    (*During the marathon training cycle every 4th week you cut back to allow your body to recoup and gain all the benefits from the hard runs.

    Quick nutrition update: 21-day fix went well until I consumed half a papa johns pizza…#sorrynotsorry #marathonercarbcravingproblems 

    I’ll be doing a 3-day cleanse August 26th before Virginia Beach! Let me know if you want in! My belly needs this. 

    I don’t have much time to blog lately…so here’s my quick workout week:
    Monday easy 6 miles 

    Tuesday speed ladder (1600, 1200, 800, 400-400, 800, 1200, 1600) w/400 m RI <—–THIS scares the poop outta me!!!

    Wednesday yoga + core 

    Thursday 7 mile tempo (3 warm-up, 2 cool-down) 12 totalish depending on how I feel 

    Friday easy 7

    Saturday easy 7

    Sunday long 14

    Total miles: 58ish 

    I promise to get with y’all later this week with an actual post!!! Love y’all!

    What’s on your training schedule that scares the mess out of you?

    run pink.